Other Volunteer Roles:

There are dozens of volunteer opportunities for you to get involved.  If interested, please contact any board member.  No matter how much or how little time you have to offer, there are roles in which you can help.  Here are some:

Team Mom/Dad               Sign-up Sundays               Manager/Coach    

Umpire                              Field maintenance            Field prep for a game   

Equipment & Gear          Uniforms                             Concession Stand    

Park book                         Trophies/Awards                Flower Sale    

Empty trash                     Bathroom maintenance    Flowers/Landscaping    
Sponsor Signs                  Raffle                                   Sprinkler Maintenance    

Roll all diamonds (spring only)                                   Rake and Pickup leaves (spring and fall)    

Distribute picnic tables (spring only)                         Store picnic tables (fall only)    

Spray all fields for dandelions (spring only)             Christmas in June

Spray weed killer along all fence lines and buildings (2-3 times)    


Umpire & Volunteer Roles